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Delaware Public Sex Offender Registration – This is the Delaware Sex Offender Registry Board official Sex Offender Registry database. It can be used to view information about a Sexual Offender.
Information for Sex Offenders – Information for Sex Offenders is provide by the Delaware  Sex Offender Registry Board.
Sex Offender Forms – Downloadable forms for sex offenders provided by the Delaware Sex Offender Registry Board.
Delaware Sex Offender Registry Statute – Information about the statute for the sex offender registry in Delaware.
Sex Offender Registry Board – Information about the sex offender registry board: registration, classification and dissemination.


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  1. I am in need of some legal assistance.
    I was recently informed that the area that I live in I can not live in eleven months after I got verification of permission to.
    I signed a lease agreement with the landlord January 31st of this year and the lease runs out in January of next year.
    I was told that I will be evicted on Friday and I have no place to live nor to place my possessions.
    I was never served with any legal documents pertaining to this situation.
    I moved here from NJ where I have already done twenty years crime free and no probation/ parole status.
    I need some help from someone who will be impartial and sensitive to the predicament I am currently in.
    Please help.

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