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  1. Dear Sex Offender One Stop Resource,

    My name is Elaine and I am emailing you on behalf of Senior Guidance (https://www.seniorguidance.org/), an organization dedicated to providing senior living assistance to the elderly. In additional to providing a number of helpful senior living resources and articles, we enable seniors and caregivers to search and find 40,000+ long-term care facilities in more than 7,500 cities across the United States. We would like to ask you to be added as one of the helpful resources in the “Elderly Resources” section on your page:


    Our website would be of tremendous value to your visitors. If you have any questions, please do let me know. Thank you in advance.


  2. I am looking to move from PA to Fulton County GA in Jan 2018. My concern is that the residency rules are totally different. It is much harder I GA compared to PA. I am looking for a hotel or motel in Fulton county or surrounding I can reside for at least 2 months. Please help me to know where I can possibly go.

  3. My brother is looking to rent a home in Atlanta GA. He is a registered sex offender. His charge is around 20 years old and he has not been in any trouble since. He has a family and a job. Please help with trying to get housing.

  4. I am William Michael’s I am a sex offenders and I’m looking for an apartment in Gainesville Georgia with two bedroom two bath for me and my fiance you help me I would like it to be

  5. I am a sex offender ready to parole out is there any housing in fulton or dekalb county.

  6. I’m just reaching out to any and everyone, I’m Homeless in Statesboro Ga. I’m a registered S/O and not doing well at all, probation has me jumping thru hoops I have resident restrictions can’t work or live most anywhere in this county. Have lost 3 potential GOOD jobs already and they even denied me couple places to stay offered by freinds I’m looking for someone’s garage or couch or place to camp, anything. Staying at this crappy motel by guys from AA but checkout tomorrow can’t afford to stay here. Lots of good ppl have my back here but running out of resources. Thought I’d reach out, I’m at wits end…


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