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  1. I’m looking for housing & work in Cobb County Marietta Ga. I’m on the sexoffenders list & have been unable to find either work or housing due to this if someone could please help it would be most helpful.

    1. Hello, have you been able to find assistance? I’m looking for my nephew as well. No one seems to reply on this site so I thought I’d ask if you have been given any information.

      Thank you.

      1. Please view our other website, the map locator at http://www.sexoffenderresourceslocator.com
        Sorry for not responding so quickly, we are over whelmed with emails and its hard to get back with everyone in a timely fashion. All emails and responses are tended to.

    2. Great insgthi. Relieved I’m on the same side as you.

  2. Need help now with housing in cobb

  3. Need housing now

  4. looking to rent a place for my son to live. He is scheduled to be released from prison as a sex offender, so must meet rules and regulations. I live in another state but can come to GA before release date and make arrangements

    1. Hello,
      I have a house that has 5 rooms. I’s already approved for SO”s and it meets all of the specifications/regulations they have to abide by. There would have to be a rental contract. We can discuss the details if you like. I know the headache of trying to find a place for someone with that status. I was fortunate to find a place for a family member.

  5. need help with housing and employment please just got out july 3 and am homeless

  6. Need a temporary home for at least 3 months for my son Richard Henderson until he can get a job and find his own place, he is ready to be paroled now, but needs an address first. He is an SO, and there are restrictions he has. Please if anyone has a place please let us know.

    1. My ex needs to find a place to move. He was accepted into a personal care group home in June when he was released from the hospital. However his health has improved enough for him to live on his own. He needs to remain in Cobb County. Any suggestions. His conviction was in 1998 so his restrictions are minimal.

  7. See comments above with (Linda) that I shared with another looking for the same for her loved one.

  8. Hi I’m moving to Georgia. I’m a registered sex offender and need help finding an apartment

  9. I need help finding an apartment in the Cobb county area in Georgia please. I have a job starting soon and everywhere I go is either a park a gymnasium a school a pool or a church with within a thousand feet of anywhere I look

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