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  • The Behavioral Medicine Institute – The Behavioral Medicine Institute of Atlanta (BMI) specializes in the treatment of sexual problems, disruptive behaviors, and medical and psychological problems that have proven responsive to behavioral therapy or behavioral medicine.
  • The Highland Institute – The Highland Institute specializes in treatment for adult and adolescent sex offenders and individuals engaged in sexually compulsive behaviors. They are located Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Family Recovery Counseling – The Family Recovery Counseling offers sex offenders services evaluations and treatment that is approved by Georgia probation and parole. They have 3 locations in Georgia; Cumming, Grainville, and Monroe.
  • Medlin Treatment Center – Medlin Treatment Center (MTC) is a counseling center in the metro Atlanta area. MTC has 2 divisions that offer psychological services for: General issues and Sexual issues. They offer sex offender treatment for both adults and juveniles.
  • Referral Guide for Abuse Treatment Services – Prevent Child Abuse’s referral guide for abuse treatment services. This is a list of places in the state of Georgia that provides treatment and/or sex offender evaluations. (This is a .pdf file)
  • New Leaf Counseling and Recovery – New Leaf Counseling and Recovery, LLC provides Sexual Offender Treatment from a Licensed Professional Counselor who is a Clinical Member of the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers. They are located in Cumming, Georgia.
    3803 Macon Road
    Columbus, Georgia 31907
    (706) 569-0200
    (800) 873-2629
    VistaCare is the second largest hospice in America with 39 sites in 16 states.
    VistaCare provides palliative care for those experiencing terminal illnesses.
    VistaCare’s Open Access Philosophy is :  No one should be denied access to hospice
    care.  We accept all patients who meet eligibility requirements as outlined in the
    Medicare Hospice Benefit.  These include:
    Patients on aggressive palliative therapy, such as                                                  Chemotherapy/Radiation, TPN, Ventilator, Blood Products,
    or Tube Feeding.
    Patients without a primary caregiver at home.
    Patients who are not ready to sign a Do-Not-Resuscitate                                                   Order.
    VistaCare’s Staff include specially trained hospice Registered Nurses who Case Manage
    each case, Social Workers, Licensed Counselor, Chaplains, Home Health Aides, Bereavement Coordinator and Volunteers.
    VistaCare accepts private insurance, Medicare/Medicaid, and nonfunded patients.
    VistaCare does not discriminate racially, religiously, socially or economically.
    Contact For Admission/Referral:   Melody Nelson LPN, Director of Admissions/Referrals
    Contact Persons For Contracting:   Steve Faulk, Director of Professional Relations or Nicole Ammons, Director of Professional Relations
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