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  1. why would my son who is 51 years-old was charged as a sex offender when he was 19 and the girl was 15 who is now homeless living in Atlanta have to report every week. there has been none since. We are trying to get the legal aid in new york to petition the court for relief. this case is over 30 years. any suggestions as to what he can do in atlanta ga. he is disabled and blind in his right eye. do you know of any programs to help him. He has no restrictions.

  2. We are in desperate need of temporary housing for my Son incarcerated on a sex offense charge. His TPM was last April, 2016. I am his mother, but my home in Alto, Ga. was denied because I am 10′ too close to a church around the corner. A church he can become a member of, but can’t live 900 feet from….yea. He is in AUTRY State Prison. I can’t afford to rent a place and get locked in a lease not knowing if the Parole Board will let him out for sure or not. So far it looks like we just need a good address that’s approvable for him to be released to and he can come home. Please let me know if you know of a place close that he can stay even for just 3 months. Thank you.

  3. I am a sister in need of housing for a sex offender . My brother is being released and he need a place by june. He is in need please email or call me if you know of any resouces that can help

    1. I’m a sister as well. In same boat as you. Would love to share emails an help each other. ncheely@yahoo.com

    2. See my post below.

  4. My fiance is a sex offender in georgia, he is currently in a halfway house in California. Before he is discharged he has to find a place to stay , I have searched everywhere. Do u know any landlords , apartments anyone that would allow him to leave there and he will pay rent.

  5. With perseverance, it is possible to find both housing and employment in Georgia even if you have a criminal record. Once you are on that page, you may select by state list of the state you would like to find a resource for.

  6. Hi I’m in desperate need of a place to rent I’m a sex offender if have money but no connectionsupport in atLanta can someone please help

    1. Athens ga behavioral health will help out they accept housing voucher n will find your son A place to stay thats if your son wants the help n yes they help out sex offenders

  7. Hello all, I’m on the registry for a 17 year old felony. I have a offer letter for employment in Alpharetta georgia but need housing. It would be me, my wife, and our children. My wife is employed as well. We are hoping to move into a place by June 22. Does anyone know any apartments or homes not too far from Alpharetta (like 30 miles max) that allow sex offenders to rent? I’m willing to pay up to 1650 a month. Thanks.

  8. Please help, my son is 21, he was 17 when he was arrested for statuory rape while he was 16 and she was 14, he gets released from prison on july 8, 2017. Ive searched and called everyone, and can’t find him a home. He will be homeless living in the streets, everyone is shot down due to the 1000 ft rule, or if their grandkids might visit, his sister whos 8 lives here with me, and we are desperate. Can anyone help?

    1. Are u in Savannah GA

  9. Has anyone been able to find housing assistance from this site? I see comments, but no replies. I need assistance for my nephew. Please let me know if there are any housing options.

    Thank you.

  10. My nephew who is about to be released from prisonHas nowhere to Live Period Through Countles’s phone calls and reaching out to others friends, family. We have been unable to find a place for him to live. We have tried getting our own house approved and we are not able to keep him here because we live too close to schools. We’ve even contacted places that are listed on the Internet as able to take sex offenders but when you call them they say no. So we’re at a loss we don’t know what to do now

  11. My name is Pam and I am looking for housing for my son who is classified as a sex offender. I am the ONLY family he has here in Georgia. He is to be released sometime around the 8th of September. If anyone knows of any resources please email me at this address.

    My sincere thanks to any and all who can help


    1. I have a friend who is a homeless sex offender and is looking for shelter until he is able to parole to a different state.

    2. I am a 45 year old who was convicted of a sex offence and I am homeless..I cant find a shelter to accecpt me in atlanta. Please help

  13. I don’t know why they let people put comments on this page if they will not reply !!!

  14. My apologies to all the subscribers that have posted comments and I havent monitored them and posted them till now. I have been very overwhelmed with spammers and i had to sort through them all. I do care and respect everyones request, you have and will not go unnoticed. If you have any suggestions as to what I can do to better assist you, please feel free to post it here I will do everything in my power to accommodate.

    1. HEllo,

      Can you assist with info on housing for sex offenders that are being released? My nephew can be released, but needs an approved place to go. I can pay rent.

      Please let me know if you have any options.

      Thank you.

    2. I say we all get together buy lined out in the country and make a community!!!!! Anyone interested? Our love ones need housing. We can buy land put tiny houses on it.

      1. My name is Larry and I’m an offender that’s was put in the Texas prison in 1998 without a trial or inducement but hard to find the right attorney to help me fight this case. I’ve done the 20 years and classified as low risk and it’s hard here in Georgia to get a place to live.im now trying to buy a home here in Georgia in the rual area and hopefully it will go through by God’s grace.you have a wonderful idea for sex offenders are you in Georgia?

      2. Jennifer R Millwood

        Honestly I love this idea! Ive pondered it myself before. It’s absolutely ridiculous the laws for sex offenders that apply evenly throughout level 1-5. My old man same many others I know should not be titled a child molester when he was 19 & she was 15! This had made living a decent life not only impossible for him but his family& children as well!

  15. In Search Of!

    Name: charles dubberly
    Phone: 904-652-7255
    Email: glassgal3843@yahoo.com
    What may we assist you with?: Housing free in Georgia for sex offenders

    1. My name is cedric Phillip’s, I am trying to find housing in ga for a sec offender

  16. Name: cayle
    Phone: 7194562610
    Email: cayle.hines@corecivic.com
    What may we assist you with?: Contact information for Gwinnett County in regards to Registering as a Sex offender. Either address and or phone number would greatly be appreciated. A list of resources for that county as well.

    Requesting Information

  17. Requesting Information
    Your Name: Kimberly Robinson
    Your Email: Krobi34586@bellsouth.net
    Contact Phone Number: 7068771440
    What information would you like to request? I would like to know where I can get information on housing and doing an interstate compact from Georgia . I am searching for my son who is up for parole. I cannot get housing for him here.
    Thank you

  18. Requesting Information
    Your Name: Elizabeth
    Your Email: elizabethlester@att.net
    Contact Phone Number: 7069553816
    What information would you like to provide us?: I can’t find housing for my brother in law anywhere need help
    Address of Housing/Resource: Columbia county georgia, Augusta, Ga 30909
    County of Resource Requested: Richmond

    1. I see the date 2017 . O am looking for housing for my son who is a registered sex offender . I assume you found housing so can you tell me where in Richmond or Columbia County to look for housing ? Thank you do much . Donnaree Weeks @ 727 – 686 – 4345 .

  19. Name: Shell
    Phone: 7708667135
    Email: perkknsgrieshield@gmail.com
    Address: 30102 walden brook drive, Lithonia, GEORGIA 30038
    What may we assist you with?: I need housing for my cousin for the state of Louisiana in are around monroe. Halway housing is fine thank you.

  20. Name: Bernikeya Clifton
    Phone: 6783340086
    Email: Bernikeyac1@gmail.com
    City/State: Atlanta, GA 30318
    What may we assist you with?: I’m calling for my husband that is in jail he need help with housing thats why he locked up without a address

  21. Housing for sex offender who can be granted parole,if a suitable facility will accept him.

  22. I am a Social Worker in search of housing in Savannah Georgia. If anyone can help with any resources it would be greatly appreciated. I have exhausted all my resources.

    Thank you

  23. GEORGIA – Finding housing for sex offenders is horrendous. I wonder if the people who have commented here has found help. If so, let me know!!

    My brother has been in prison and was suppose to get out on parole in April 2017, but they are making him stay because he has no where to go. The state THOR list is a big joke. THere are only 5 places on the whole list to ‘take’ sex offenders. Most of them don’t because of the 1,000 ft rule. Why are they even on the list???
    Most places I call to ask if they take sex offenders,(some are on the THOR list, but not all) they give excuses, never call back, etc. WOn’t give a yes or no answer.
    I don’t understand why the powers that be made up this law, but then the offender can’t find housing and go right back to prison if they can’t get an approved address within 72 hrs of being released from prison.
    Why do that have this law when they know there is NO WHERE for them to go?!!??! I thought the programs the state has are suppose to HELP offenders and parolees to get back on track and NOT go back to prison?!?!? They are contradicting the laws !!!

    1. Did you find help? I’m in same boat as you, for my brother. I’m even trying to find something to rent in my name for him to live with me. But no luck.

      1. See my post below.

    2. I am a counselor in a state facility and I was just reading the reply from Sherry Hollis, she is so correct about THOR! it is supposed to be housing for sex offenders however, I would say 3 out of the entire list would actually take in sex offenders; but they had a 12 month waiting period, everyone else on the list told me NO! I feel like doors being shut in my face, so I can only imagine what a sex offender feels like. I know that it is a crime, but you have to look at the circumstance and not just the offense.

  24. looking for a sex offender home for my grandson

  25. Sheila M Rountree

    Name: Sheila M Rountree
    Phone: 9122934983
    Email: sheilarountree@yahoo.com
    Address: Vidalia, Georgia 30474
    What may we assist you with?: Need help finding a place for my brother. He is a sex offender and if I can’t find him a home they will revoke his probation. Only have two weeks. Please help 912-293-4983

  26. Need housing for my brother and I. He’s a sex offender coming up for parole June 2018. I work healthcare 15 years I can pay rent. And assistance for him to find a job. Please help. When I rent must i tell landlord?

  27. My son is. 33 and is marked for life. His crime was when he was 17.!!! He desperately needs a place to live in White/Habersham County. He’s never been into drugs, drinking, stealing…he just wants a life!!! He’s not on parole, probation & has served his time. Now, because he don’t have an address, he may go back to jail??????!!! What is wrong with this system???? All that are charged with a crime are not a threat!!!😢😢😢

    1. See my post below. Maybe we can work on something together?

  28. I have a brother that is considering moving to Atlanta, Ga from Detroit, Mi. He is a sex offender the crime was committed 1990 he is 60 now. I need to know where can he get some assistance for a job and a place to live. My name is Crystal Turner my phone number is 404-293-3966. He is not on probation or parole.

  29. Hello,

    I’m in the same boat as a lot of you. I’m thinking about purchasing a home for my nephew to live in. I don’t have a lot of money, but could maybe get a mortgage loan and purchase a 2-3 br place that would be in an approved location. It would really help me make decision if someone were willing to share the expense (like pay rent for their family member who could be a roommate). Please email me and we can discuss this to see if it would work out for a few of us. Reply here and I’ll email you my info (Atlanta).

    1. Hello K.brown I’m looking to find my brother a roommate as well.Lets put our heads together.

    2. Hi I read your email and my son Is past his out date because we can’t find a suitable place. Did you find a place for your love one. Please email me if they need help with rent.my son needs an address.kidd2kidd@gmail.com

    3. Hello,
      My brother is being released 11/21/2018-yes and Douglass county waited until today to inform me that the address that we thought was approved they denied. Did you find any leads? My email address sweetses69@yahoo.com

      1. Seems like I’m in the same situation as a lot of people. My 22 year old son is due to be released from prison this Wednesday feb 26, on February 22 they denied his home plan. I have 4 days left to find him an approved address. He had consensual sex when he was 17 with a 14 year old so he is not a threat to anyone. We live near Savannah , if anyone knows anywhere we can get assistance please reach to me. We will take any resources even if they are not in our area.

    4. Hello,
      I am reading your comments from last year. Have you bought a house for your nephew and is he sharing with others? I need space for a son of a friend who has been marked as a sex offender. He will pay rent if agreeable.
      He lives in Dekalb county right now.
      Please let me know.
      Esther Basnet
      erapgey@yahoo.com 4045961337 (text or leave a message)

    5. Hello my son looking for housing coming up soon. I’m trying to see if you may have anything available. I know your post is old, but let me know if you can help me out any.

    6. they can not live together. its the law, I thought of same thing ,

  30. I need help in finding my son a place to rent in or around Alpharetta, GA. He can not get paroled until he has an address. He is a sex offender. I live in another state and keep getting turned down.

  31. I agree THOR housing is a joke. I have a love one whose release date is June 2019 and the housing we thought he would go to is now too close to a home daycare. If anyone has any information for housing options in Georgia. Especially in the Coweta county area.
    Thank you for any information.

  32. Hey my name is Dashauna. My brother is being RELEASE for a Transintal Center in September 30 and he’s a sex offender. He really need a place to live is there any place that you can considering us to look that the parole board will approve in the Atlanta Area. Please get with me. It’s so hard to find a place for them to approve.

  33. Hi I read your email and my son Is past his out date because we can’t find a suitable place. Did you find a place for your love one. Please email me if they need help with rent.my son needs an address.kidd2kidd@gmail.com

  34. In need of housing for my son immediately, previous place of living was denied. He has the 1,000 feet rule and he will be released from transitional center on December 22, 2018 and need immediate place to go to. He is currently working.

  35. In need of housing. I need an address to parole out to. I was granted parole but I am a sex offender looking for a place parole will approve.

    1. 2110 Ollie Dr Macon ga 31217

  36. I’m a sex offender because of a prostitution case 7 years ago. I was just realeased from prison for the crime. Ive been home 6 months and I’ve been living out of weekly hotel rooms because I can’t find an approved address in Atlanta. Now I’m resulting to living under a bridge. I work 2 jobs and support myself and my son. I’m a 31 year old female that is being forced to live under a bridge because of the sex offender laws. If anyone can help with housing in the Atlanta area thank u.

    1. Hey contacting you to see if you found anything yet.

  37. Hi I am trying to locate a job for my step-son who is a sex offender can anyone tell me where to go to find a website to enroll him for a job for sex offenders, he is coming up parole in Aug. If granted parole he will be living with his Dad and I in the Buford Ga area.

  38. My son is also a sex offender, when he was released in cobb county ga the parole officer gave him a tent, sleeping bag and assigned him a spot under a bridge to live. Everywhere we find for him to stay is not being approved. If anyone has had any luck finding housing in Ga please let me know.

    1. Best way to find housing is to look up sex offenders in your area. Sometimes you can get lucky.

    2. Did you ever find housing in Cobb County?

  39. Do not know if you are still looking for housing. This information will not get a house. They can file homeless now

  40. Yes my name is Robin Williams and I’m trying to look for a place for my son to stay. He is listed as a Level 1 sex offender.I tried my address but they say it’s too close to be church. He just need an address. I live in Savannah Georgia. He is in the county jail sitting on waiting for an address


  41. My son is to be released from Walker State prison as soon as he can find a place to live. He can’t live with me because of a church within the 1000 ft. radius. Like everyone else I agree with the 1000 ft. radius of a church in ridiculous. How can we as a group can go to our legislator’s and try to at least this one restriction changed. It is very sad that a person which is a felon, and a charge of an SO, has changed his life completely around, has a perfect record since being incarcerated, has carried a 4.0 in a Bible college, has an Associate degree,and 2 classes away from Bachelors degree. What do we do. Thank you, Concerned Father

  42. My fiance needs a place to stay while we are building our log home. He can’t stay in the RV park with me due to a church being too close. He is a sex offender, not a predator and not rated. He was arrested for not registering a new address, but we are displaced and he doesn’t have an address where he can register. His court date is this Fri., Jan 10, 2020. We need help asap.

  43. Does anyone know of any sex offender rehabilitation programs provided while they are in prison? And what would be the best prison for him? Is there any we should be more worried about than others? Thank-you

  44. Name: Jacki Anderson
    Email: jacki10a@gmail.com
    Address: Marietta, GA
    What may we assist you with?: Need help finding housing and employment for my son, who is a registered sex offender.

  45. Christopher rabideau

    My name is Scott and I am a sex offender living in Taylor county Reynolds Georgia I am disabled and I am looking for someone that can help me around the house with a little odd jobs because I currently cannot do them anymore because I am blind and when I can see all the other good and just really simple little jobs that I can’t do anymore that won’t cost an arm and a leg please contact me my phone number is 478-550-1 659 thank you

  46. My husband who is on the registry needs shelter. We are moving to Austell in a few days and can’t find any shelters that will take him. Please help…

  47. i am looking for a rehab center in ga for my boyfriend for his meth addiction. can anyone tell me what ones will take him. he is a sex offender

    thank you

  48. I am looking for a place to rent in Savannah if anyone has any ideas

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