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  1. I need assistance with a job asap

  2. I am a 51 year old man with a BS in History. Due to having to register for cruelty to children I cannot use my degree to teach. I do have some warehousing supervision in my background. I am a quick study and need work immediately.

  3. Would love to have information on a job, and housing for sex offenders?! Thanks

  4. My name is Darrick Calloway & I need help finding gainful employment. I am willing to accept any unskilled entry level position & I appreciate any help that you may provide.

  5. Do u have to leave a sign in your yard if u are a sex offender i. atlanta ga

    1. The GA State court has struck down the requirement for RSOs to place signs on their property stating they create a potential risk of harm. I say if you’re going to identify convicted sex offenders, identify convicted burglars, robbers, murderers and drug dealers also, since they are statistically at higher risk for recidivism than sex offenders.

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