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  1. We are attempting to locate housing in either Carroll or Douglas Counties for Mr. Weaver who will discharged shortly

  2. Looking for place to rent for my son, he has turned his life 180* is 2 lesson from getting masters degree in Bible theology. Really need a place now,last place fell through. Please Help.

  3. Need a temporary home for at least 3 months for my son Richard Henderson until he can get a job and find his own place, he is ready to be paroled now, but needs an address first. He is an SO, and there are restrictions he has. Please if anyone has a place please let us know.

  4. Forgot to mention it’s Paulding county

    1. Have you found a place.yet? And how long did it take

  5. I’m looking for a rental for my nephew and his family ! He has a job here in Ga we just need a place that accepts people who have to register as a sex offender ! If you can lead us to a place in Villa Rica Ga it would be appreciated! he has four more years then he will be off the register Thank you

  6. I don’t know-how long it take my son need a place to stay before February 10 2020 and how long it takes.

  7. Looking for apartment or trailer in carroll County georgia or Douglasville georgia I’m classified as non violent and a level 1 I’m 64 and been out for 3 yrs with no other problems thank you if u can help

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