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  1. Need a place for a non-violent offender

  2. We almost feel hopeless finding a place for him to live. I don’t want him back in jail cause the system make it so hard for them.

    1. I k ow how you feel trying to find somewhere in Henry county. No luck for my brother

  3. Daniel Kittler Jr

    Need a place for a nonviolent offender.. as soon as possible

  4. Hi, my name is Lorenzo Davis. I am in need of a place to live asap, because i was recently asked to leave my former residence. I had several financial and emotional hardships, which has left me homeless. I can be reached @ (678)818-3514
    My email address: loundavis1974@gmail.com

  5. Markus Cunningham

    Hi, my name is Markus and I am in need of a place in Clayton County. I have had medical and financial hardships recently and I have to move. Call me @ 205-203-6913, if you can help me please.

  6. Markus Cunningham

    I hope I can get something to rent, with utilities I can afford. I am a nonsmker and have no pets with me. A room with utilities included in a house is idea for me. I’ve recently had medical and financial hardships that is causing me to move. I can be reached @ 205-203-6913. My name is Markus, call me with information that can help me.

  7. My name is joel alers i need a place in clayton county i have a job but is hard to find i have a wife n a 2 yr old daughter please help 404 437 4948

  8. Did you find a place my son get out February and no where to go live 300 feet from nursery

  9. My name is rodney, nonviolence sex offender. I completed all that was required of me, have been out for 6 years, now wanting to start my life out rt. I am a god fear man Nd hust need a step in the rt direction in finding housing. If any one can help please contact me boopgirl1016@yahoo.com

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