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Let Our House Be Your Home Inc. is a newly formed non-profit 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt organization based out of Decatur Georgia. Our mission and purpose are to find affordable housing for undeserved men and women. We are working to provide affordable housing for victims of domestic abuse, and post incarcerated “returning citizens,” Veterans and individuals recovering from substance abuse. We are currently accepting sex offenders who committed their sexual offense before July 2, 2006, due to the 1000 ft residency restrictions from a church. Our program is a reentry program for male sex offenders or men serving life sentences.


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  1. Name: Shell
    Phone: 7708667135
    Address: 30102 walden brook drive
    Lithonia, GEORGIA 30038
    What may we assist you with?: I need housing for my cousin for the state of Louisiana in are around monroe. Halway housing is fine thank you.

    1. Does your agency house regris/sex offenders????

  2. Moving to Atlanta from va looking for housing. My crime is 16yrs old

  3. Daniel Kittler Jr

    I’m a non violent offender. I will be off probation next month.. I need a place soon as possible please

  4. MY husband is a sex offender moving to Atlanta looking for hous ing for my family

  5. I’m currently a registered sex offender but my case is over. Where can I find housing for MYSELF until I’m petitioned off the registry?

  6. Hi. I am looking for housing in dekalb county towards perimeter/dundwoody area. I am new to this and am no risk. Very professional business owner as well as contractor and would make a great tenant!

  7. Hello i just got out on bond and i need a place to rent by july 26th can you please help i am currently waiting for the trial for my case .
    Thank you

  8. I’m in need of shelter i was release from prison on june 20 of this year i’m in need of help I’ve tried every place here in Atlanta. its very hard trying to find a place here as sex offender. Is there someone out there that can help me.Iam Army vet yes I’ve been to the V A for help they have use all there resource to help me.

  9. Hello I’m moving to Georgia and I would like some info of some places

  10. There is a nonprofit organization recently established in the Metro Atlanta area named, Let Our House Be Your Home, Inc. They are trying to provide affordable housing to returning citizens, as well as other underserved individuals. They currently have a house in the DeKalb county with one available room. The residence can house three nonrelated individuals and they are in the THOR directory. They currently have two sex offenders residing there. Please go to their website and read about them. Pay close attention to the section related to Louise’s House.

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