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  1. Need a good place for a full restriction offender

  2. Need a place for a non-violent offender.

    1. Did you find anything yet we are looking it’s so hard.

      1. I’m looking to for non offender

  3. Need a place for my grandson to got in trouble when he turn 17 now he can not leave prison til he find housing as a sex offender. I live in Clayton County and I would like for him to live in Clayton or Fulton name is Brenda

  4. I’m in need of a place for my husband in the surronding area of metro Atlanta he has re restriction

    1. Have you found anything yet? My family and are looking for a place for a my BD

  5. Need a nice and comfortable place to reside in College Park Georgia for a no limit Sex Offender. I prefer a house to rent but will take an apartment

  6. Need housing options for sex offender eligible for release. What options are there? Any info will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

  7. Looking for house or apartment in or around east point georgia I’m 62 years old and just want a quiet place to live thanks to any one can help

  8. Need house or apartment for 62 yr old sex offender lowest level of sex offender i need to find something asap. I am just wanting someplace quiet and i will cause no problems for renter please help a disabled man i want something in fulton dekalb co.thank you

  9. Need housing option for sex offender who been up for release a year ago but has nowhere to go. Thanks in advance

  10. Looking for a house or condo. I’m a registered sex offender in Gwinnett County. I’m looking for a place for myself and my soon to be wife. Not too far from Norcross. That’s where I work. Thank you so much!!

  11. Looking for housing for my stepson who’s a sex offender. He can’t be released from prison without having a place. The place has to be away from schools and pools.

  12. Looking for housing where a sex offender can live

  13. Hello. I am looking for housing in the Fulton County area. My client is a sex offender. Thank you very much

  14. Need info for housing in the Fulton, Clayton, Decatur areas for sex offender. Or any other area as long as on bus line.

  15. Yionada Robinson

    Good afternoon,

    My sibling has been approved for parole upon completion of a SO program. He is in Texas and in the process of applying for an Interstate Compact Transfer to Georgia. He needs an address within the next 2 months. Anywhere in the Atlanta Metropolitan area would be helpful. Any transitional housing, half way house is welcome, but not mandatory for his release, he can parole straight out, but of course housing is an issue. Any assistance is highly appreciated.

  16. Hi, I am currently in need of a place to live because I was recently put out due to financial and emotional hardship.

  17. Looking for a affordable room in Fulton Co. Can pay deposit and first month up front. I’m a non violent sex offender who has a support team, but needs a compliant address.

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