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  1. Yazmean Roshan Wallace

    My father needs help with housing when he gets out of prison and he is currently in another state.

  2. I have a boyfriend and I’m trying to find a place for him to stay at but it’s so hard to get an address approve do you have any suggestions on what I should do ?

  3. I’m looking for a place asap for myself and my fiance whose a registered sex offender. Maximum price 800.00 monthly

  4. Ryan Vincent Gooch

    I was recently released from prison and I’m not allowed to register as homeless be in Fulton county,i have until July 13to find a address or I will be sent back to prison
    Can you help me to find a place that accepts sex offenders and or helps them to get on their feet?

  5. My son is need of a place to stay ASAP he is registered as a sex offender. It is so hard for him to find a place to live that’s is comply. He is basically homeless .. He has a job and willing to pay monthly rent. Can someone please assist.

  6. Any available housing rental in Cherokee Cobb or Bartow County GA for sex offender

  7. I am looking for housing for my son who is currently in prision and will be release soon and need to be registered as a sex offender. He went to Prision when he was 18 and has been in there for 10 years. He has letters of recommendations from teachers, he is a teachers aid in Prision.I am the ONLY family he has and he can’t leave with me because I leave to close to a school. He is in another state please help me to find a place in here. Thank you from a desperate mother we will be paying for a room somewhere in the Walton area or close by county’s

  8. Housing needed for a young man who is registered as a sex offender. Clarkston Tucker GA area would be ideal. Will pay rent. He is artistic and has skills and a very nice man with no violent history.

  9. My father is blind and on the registry can someone please help me find him a place in Savannah, Georgia.He has income of 5-7 hundred.Monthly for rent.

  10. Hello my name is torrain melvin and i did 12yrs in prison, been in and out this pass year. In desperate need of help, my dad passed away (whom i lived with which now makes me homless) my mind is messed up desperately need reentry program .. please help please

    1. Do you have access to email or have a phone number?

      1. Were you able to help provide any resources for ex offenders finding living or resources? I am moving from west side of the US so it is very hard to look from here and I can’t afford a visit and then a move too. Any help you found for previous poster?

  11. My father is able to get out of prison…. But all his family lives in C.A. And he has to stay in Georgia. We have to find approved housing for him before they will let him leave… But that task has come up almost impossible. Is there any body out there that can help me help my Dad? He is A Good Man that was Falsely Accused. He now is just wanting to move on with his life…. Get out of prison and again try to fight these false accusations. Any help would be Great!

    1. Did you find anyone to help finding housing for your father? I am moving to GA in a month or two and i was also wrongly confused but worse yet, what I was convicted of isn’t even against the law in georgia but I can gain employment there and cannot on west side of the states. It doesn’t appear that anyone replies or helps answer these questions. Any resources you found out about?

  12. I’m looking for a house to rent in Douglasville or Lithia Springs were in the area for me and my fiance who’s pregnant.

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