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  1. Yazmean Roshan Wallace

    My father needs help with housing when he gets out of prison and he is currently in another state.

  2. I have a boyfriend and I’m trying to find a place for him to stay at but it’s so hard to get an address approve do you have any suggestions on what I should do ?

  3. I’m looking for a place asap for myself and my fiance whose a registered sex offender. Maximum price 800.00 monthly

  4. Ryan Vincent Gooch

    I was recently released from prison and I’m not allowed to register as homeless be in Fulton county,i have until July 13to find a address or I will be sent back to prison
    Can you help me to find a place that accepts sex offenders and or helps them to get on their feet?

  5. My son is need of a place to stay ASAP he is registered as a sex offender. It is so hard for him to find a place to live that’s is comply. He is basically homeless .. He has a job and willing to pay monthly rent. Can someone please assist.

  6. Any available housing rental in Cherokee Cobb or Bartow County GA for sex offender

  7. I am looking for housing for my son who is currently in prision and will be release soon and need to be registered as a sex offender. He went to Prision when he was 18 and has been in there for 10 years. He has letters of recommendations from teachers, he is a teachers aid in Prision.I am the ONLY family he has and he can’t leave with me because I leave to close to a school. He is in another state please help me to find a place in here. Thank you from a desperate mother we will be paying for a room somewhere in the Walton area or close by county’s

  8. Housing needed for a young man who is registered as a sex offender. Clarkston Tucker GA area would be ideal. Will pay rent. He is artistic and has skills and a very nice man with no violent history.

  9. My father is blind and on the registry can someone please help me find him a place in Savannah, Georgia.He has income of 5-7 hundred.Monthly for rent.

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