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Housing Request

To Whom It May Concern,
My Fiance is a registered sex offender in Maine. Our situation is very difficult as we are technically homeless. We are temporarily residing at his father’s house and my Fiance registered in the town we are in. This afternoon, my Fiance was served with a town ordinance that states he can’t reside within 750′ of a park or school, which is a violation considering where we are currently staying. We have 10 days to relocate and neither one of us can drive. He has an OUI and I recently lost my licence due to a medical condition and we have no where to go let alone on how to get anywhere. My Fiance was wrongfully convicted in early 1990’s, served his time and was released with no probation or restrictions. He is STILL looked at as a threat to society and has never been convicted of another incident or crime related to a sex offense. I am a former deputy sheriff from another state and have seen my Fiance within society. He is very caring and only wants to live a normal life. BUt, how can one live with that title?? He has applied for many jobs and has been turned down due to his background, we have been turned away from housing because of his background, we have been kicked out of the last place we lived because of his background (there wasn’t a background check!) SO….what the Hell and how the Hell are we going to live and where in this state???? I am on SSI Disability and he is unemployed…I feel this Bollocks is a violation of his Civil Rights to live free and clear as an American citizen. He has paid his penalty and it’s ridiculous that he still feels like he’s incarcerated after 25 Bollixing years!!! Is there ANY assistance out there in this state for us???? PLEASE if there is, let us know immediately!!!
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Updated: September 1, 2016 — 11:45 am

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