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  1. I am in desperate need to find a housing facility for my friend who has been incarcerated for 13 years his release date is 4-4-17 and does not have a place to locate to. he is willing and able to work any job offered to him if given the chance hi name is John Freeman and he I being held at L.T.C.W detention center at 158 Treatment Plant road Tallulah, LA. 71282 if any one is has any info. on a housing facility please contact either Madison Parish Corrections or email me directly my name is Karla Carraway I am also a registered se offender and know the trials of finding housing thank you for this web site God Bless You all!!!!

  2. A sexually violent predator and serious paroled sex offender may not live within 1,000 feet of schools or related school activities, including school bus stops for life or duration of parole or probation.

  3. I am needing information on who to speak with registering as a sex offender. I am relocating to Shreveport soon and cannot get the sheriff’s office to return a call. My charge was originally out of Colorado as a misdemeanor 1, unlawful sexual contact. Could someone please provide some info? Thank you in advance.

  4. as of today July 1,2017 I’m officially homeless. I have by law 3 days to find housing of the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Department will arrest me for being homeless. I am Tier 2 and not suppose to have restrictions but the Sheriff’s Department keeps applying the restrictions for tier 1 (A sexually violent predator and serious paroled sex offender may not live within 1,000 feet of schools or related school activities, including school bus stops for life or duration of parole or probation). Need help desperately.

  5. Christopher Caronia

    Desperately looking for housing. Having to take a plea deal on a bogus charge of sexual battery. My lawyer let me down now I have to take a plea deal that carries a SO charge. Looking for something in New Orleans metro area.

    1. My brother suffered the same thing.
      I’m so upset about this
      Can’t get a job
      People don’t want him anywhere

      1. Cindy have your brother found a job yet? I’m a registered sex offender and I need a job. Blk male age 45 from new Orleans. I need help

        1. Veterans Housing Outreach Ministries has offender housing for Tier1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 offenders. Housing in New Orleans, Jefferson and St. Charles Parishes.
          5043403429 and 5044394235

  6. Veterans Housing Outreach Ministries has offender housing for Tier1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 offenders.

    1. Do they have some thing in Baton

      1. Currently, we have vacancies in Orleans and Jefferson parishes. 504-340-3429 call and Text

        1. Hello James I am a sex offender and I need a place to stay. Do I need to be a veteran to live there?

          1. No. We can house other sex offenders. When will you come to visit? Call us. 504-340-3429 and 504-439-4235

        2. Sherry Donna Herrin

          Do you have to be a veteran? Im looking for my grandson who will be out of jail soon in the Monroe la area.

          1. No. We house other sex offenders on a case by case basis. We also house sex offenders from other states as well. Call or text us. (504)340-3429 http://www.veteranshousingoutreach.webs.com

  7. I have a client who was released from prison in 2006 from serving a sex offense charge. He was molested/raped as a child and offended a relative as he got older. He is no longer on parole. He is having a difficult time finding the intense counseling that is beneficial to his recovery. Is there a support system that you can recommend.
    Thank You,
    Melicia Dupaquier

    Melicia Dupaquier NCC, LPC
    Professional Counselor IV
    South Central Louisiana Human Service Authority
    5599 Hwy 311
    Houma, LA 70360
    (985) 857-3615ext 138

    1. All sex offenders need to come together in Louisiana. I myself was also molested when I was a little boy then in turn sexually abused a relative as I got older. Nobody understand how difficult this is for a person. I’m facing 20 years in prison if I don’t come up with the money for a house. It seems the government doesn’t care if we live or not. Most people just wish a sex offender die.We need help as well because there are hardly anyone who wants to help a sex offender.

      1. I want to know how to create a safe home for these people. If anyone knows what I need to do, please let me know. This breaks my heart that they are alone. No one should be alone. We all make mistakes, we all need forgiveness and love.
        How do I go about housing these people in need?

  8. Looking for housing for a client who is a Registered Sex offender in the Lafayette, LA area.

    1. Did you find the help you needed? My son is 20 yrs old and soon to be released

  9. I am in desperate need to find a housing facility for my son who has been incarcerated for 18 months. His release date is 12-30-17 and does not have a place to locate. He is being held at DT#3 detention center at Alexandria, LA. If any one is has any info. on a housing facility please contact me on email.My name is Kerry Vuillemont. thank you for this web site God Bless You all!!!!


      Your email address does not appear on the site. If you would like to speak with me regarding housing for your son in the Pineville area, please send me an email to cdemattie19678@gmail.com, so that I can respond back with information.

      Thank you.

  10. In in desperate need of finding my friend who at this time incarcerated but is now A.S. A.P will be released soon in need of housing can someone please help or tell me what measures can I take’and or that he needs do. to help him find housing his release date is soon to be coming on January 2018

  11. He is being held in Orleans Parish Correctional Center his release date it’s going to be very soon he is about to go to court on January 31st 2018 can someone please help me to help him we both would be greatly appreciative of the help

    1. Hi my name is Joseph I am a registered sex offenders since the year 2000. Have been living in a apartment for 11 years with no problems.The owner sold the apartments and the new owner does not like sex offenders living there. So I need help in finding a place to live around bossier City area. Also has anyone got off the registry after 10 years with a clean record?

  12. I am a sex offender and have Ben out for six months and my family has given me one month to get out i have not ben able to find work and i will be homeless in a month.

  13. My father and I are looking for a house, I have to register in Louisiana, I am serving 5 years under 1 count of attempted possession and probation for a received file in one of my computers, didn’t know it would be this difficult. I pray for all those who can read this, and if anyone knows of a place near Orleans, Plaquemines or Jefferson parish, please let me know.

    Best regards,


    1. We house sex offenders in New Orleans and Jefferson Parish. Call us. 504-340-3429 or 504-439-4235. http://Www.veteranshousing outreach.webs.com

      1. I’m joe I’m a level1 out of new York I was planning on moving to new Orleans I’m in search of housing and employment I’m a registered for 20 years I get off in April of 2020 and if there was a woman shelter for my wife my email is poolejoseph70@gmail.com

  14. Im considered a sex offender, Coronal Knowledge of a Juvenile tear 2… And I’m n need of housing i get SSI and Food Stamps… Can someone help me with my request of housing.. Thanks and God Bless..

  15. Desperately looking for housing for my 79 year old father, convicted on one count of sexual battery; he’s past his release date but he can’t be released until we provide an address. It would only be temporary as we secure his transfer back home to California. God bless

  16. Tyler Culverhouse

    My name is Tyler, I’m a tier 3 sex offender and am desperately looking for housing in the Shreveport/Bossier Area. I have no job, and I’m also asking anyone if there’s anyway to move to a tier 2 sex offender?

  17. Hi, I’m looking for housing for a family relative. She an older woman been incarcerated for 17 yrs. She will be released next month. We need to find a approved Housing/address for her ASAP.Shes really ready to be out and start a fresh chapter.Shes a hard worker.We need her in or close to Livingston, tangi areas so she can be close to family. It means alot, please help her find a home. Thanks so much and God Bless!

  18. Hi I am a friend/baby mother of inmate Gerald Etienne in Lake Charles, LA. He is not from Lake Charles LA. He is from St. Martinville, LA and has no way of contacting his family members from jail. He really needs to get out and get back to his job. Is there anywhere in Louisiana that has shelter for sex offenders. His release date was back in April 2018. He’s being held only for the establishment of a residence. Would someone be kindly to contact me @ 337-496-6804 or via email sharica.simien@gmail.com

    Thanks in advance!

  19. These readings are heart breaking to me. The reality is everyone of us are human and sex offenders that aren’t on the radar should be. Some of these so called “sex offenses” don’t even make sense! I have a carnal knowledge of a juvenile from back in 2004 that I didn’t commit & nothing was proved but the power that others have over my life. Now I register as if I’ve committed some dangerously violent crime after I’ve served ten flat years behind bars. I get a job everything starts out fine and before I know it words out he’s a sex offender so I just leave to make other people feel safe. I need help!!

  20. My name is Madison me and my husband have two children together. He is An offender because of me. He is only a tier 1 . we are having a very hard time trying to rent a place from anybody is there someone that can help us get in somewhere or give us some resources soon . thank you

  21. Looking for a room/apt. in future for my son age 30. He will be returning from rehabilitation. He will be on probation for 2.5 more years so he will be monitored by parole officer. Housing will be needed late December but more likely in January. If anyone has any questions about him. You may contact me at the e-mail below. Housing in Lafayette parish only. It was a Facebook thing in 2011.He can provide excellent references.

  22. Need housing in Ascension, Livingston or East Baton Rouge area ASAP! Please contact me if you have housing available.

  23. Housing request for Ascension, Livingston or East Baton Rouge parish. Looking for a place to rent for sex offender. Will be on probation for 3 years and monitored. If you have any info please contact me ASAP. First offense with no priors.

  24. Veterans Housing Outreach Ministries has sex offender housing for Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 offenders.

    Shared Housing Available, now.
    Sex Offender Housing Initiative
    New Orleans and Jefferson Parish vacancies.
    5043403429 call and text

  25. Currently, we have vacancies in Orleans and Jefferson parishes. 504-340-3429 call and Text

    1. James, How much do y’all charge sex offenders from living there? A lot of places are charging outrageous prices to rent a bed. I need to find a place soon and register but I don’t have a job or the money to register so does that mean I’m going to jail. And I’m not on parole or anything.

      1. Registration is a densely populated area is expensive. The sheriff in Orleans and Jefferson charges for all of the cards that are mailed out to a radius 3 tenths of a mile. If you don’t hey your freedom is taken away

  26. I have a niece that has been incarcerated for 5 years. She is 30- her charge was knowledge after the fact. Her ex husband is the one who actually committed the crime against her daughter … he is serving 15 flat … she is not a bad person – definitely not violent – she has two children staying with some friends so nice she cannot have them right now … she cannot find a place to live with all the restrictions from her charge. – she is a hard worker -good at clesnijg houses or any off jobs. She is expected to pay all these fees with only a few weeks of being released —- she is not making any money. Her mom says she don’t have anything to give her. She was released with an address of a friend that don’t even have electricity… it’s a sad situation…. but has nowhere to turn. Please share some housing that may help her. God bless!

  27. I was convicted of carnal knowledge of a juvenile in 05. I will be up for my 10 year to be remove off this. I couldn’t wait now since I was late paying a 60 dollar fee which when I was arrest and bonding out I still pay it think it’s nothing charge me with failure to register/failure to comply whick is a felony instead of giving me misdemeanor which I no more than 6mth. Had to fight them down from 40 year to two and still got played now I have to wait until 2031. I lost my job cause ppl found out I was a sex offender was there two years and was a supervisor now I can’t even get a job cause I have to show my Id with this sex offender on it. I feel like I’m still in prison. Need help.

  28. I am looking for a halfway house for my brother. He is a sex offender and will need a place to stay. He was in disability Shem he went in. Has been in prison for about 22 years and will becosroled sbouvrhecend if February. Need info and s place fir himvti luce . He is from Louisiana and would like to come back to be close to his family

  29. My brother is being paroled in late feb. or early March
    He is in need of housing. He will be registered as a sex
    Offender,not sure what tier. Charge was aggravated
    Sexual assault. Info would be appreciated

  30. Looking for my brother a halfway house for sex offenders in or around Shreveport. He is from Red River parish and would like to be as close to family as possible. My name is Vetty Gay . I am his sister. My email is bettygay1145@gmail.com. My phone number is 318-214-7818

  31. Looking for housing for my brother Jimmy Price. He is in San Antonio, Texas at present in the Neal unit. He is to be paroled is February or March. He is from Red River Parish and would like to stay as close to family as possible. Please give me some info

    1. Veterans Housing Outreach Ministries
      504-340-3429 or 504-439-4235
      New Orleans and Jefferson. Close to jobs, transportation, stores and hospitals


  32. We have an apartment currently available at Veteran’s lighthouse in Shreveport. What tier is he.

  33. My brothers legs was amputated 7 days ago since then the hospital applied to 2 rehab places and both were denied after having me come tour their facilities. I think they did a background check and that’s why, because they both told me he was good to come. Now he’s being discharged tomorrow with no help.

  34. I’m joe I’m a level 1 out of new.york looking to move to new Orleans I’m registered for 20 years I get off in April 2020 I’m in search of a shelter to stay and if there a woman shelter for my wife and in search of a job I’m a level 1 no probation or parole u can email at poolejoseph70@gmail.com

  35. I just got evicted out of my apartment and I’m a sex offender with no parole or anything. I don’t have a job but I have to reregister soon. I have no place to go. Will I go to jail because I don’t have the money to register? Someone please help!!! I’m in Jefferson Parish. I’m currently sleeping in my car

  36. Hi. My name is Judah Sadler . I am 22 years old. I am a registered sex offender. I am a tier 1. I am on probation for 3 years. I currently lost my job. I have to go to the sheriff’s office soon to register that I am homeless and I will be staying the street. I have a beautiful finance and she doesn’t deserve this at all. She pregnant. I want to be here to see my baby grow up and help him/her avoid situations like this that will ruin there life. I’m in DESPERATE and I mean DESPERATE need of houseing not only for my freedom but just so I can see my family grow. Someone please help me please. Please contact me at1 (504) 818-9684 and email me at judahsadler@gmail.com

  37. anyone know the process on how to petition the court for sex offender registry relief? as a person who meets all the requirements, they are NOT gonna help anyone get off the registry.

  38. My husband is considered a sex offender, he’s currently in jail past the date he was supposed to be good timed out on parole. We have 4 sons, his offense happened in 2001 with a 16 year old female and he hasn’t had anything sense. Except me creating a LinkedIn account for him trying to make him a resume(he didn’t know about the account) and they arrested him and charged him for failure to register. That all being said the PO won’t let him come home to me and our 4 boys. PLEASE IN DESPERATE NEED OF SOME HELP! It’s been almost a month since he should’ve been home!!

    1. Hey did your husban make it home yet? Still need help?

    2. You can sign a legal document detailing how you set up that account in his name.. is he home now? I can assist. Mandingo9inch69@yahoo.com is my email

  39. Call Me 5043774769

  40. Anyone convinced of a sex offence and need a place to live in New Orleans area call Me 5043374769 Don’t play nobody over $600 for a place to stay

  41. Anyone convicted of a sex offence and need a place to stay Call Me 5043774769 Don’t pay anyone over $600 dollars

  42. My name is Tyrone.. I’m a registered sex offender. I been home now for 2 weeks and I’m finding it difficult to find employment. I’m 44 BLK male convicted of indecent exposer to a minor.. if you have any information please give it to me.. mandingo9inch69@yahoo.com

  43. I have a family member that can be released right now from prison but he needs a approved address! He’s willing to go anywhere in Louisiana that has a reentry program! Please if anyone has a program please email me minrkwilliams@gmail.com

  44. Is there anyone in the shreveport area willing to rent to me and my god fearing fianncee who got caught up on a bogus cjarge down hear planning on moving out of state by this time next year just want to get his divorce get married and save some money tobe able to make a new start both will be 50 next year and have givin or lives to god and others who have been through the same kind of trials we have face please call 3182001805 thank you

  45. I was wondering what type of employment is realistic for a tier 1 non-physical/non-underage sex offender (charged with video voyeurism in a limited access space).

    I have 16 years serviced in the military and during that time I worked as a medical lab tech. Would a job in phlebotomy be possibility?

    1. Note: I am actual still pending sentencing and do not know if I will have any time in confinement or if I will have to deal with probation.

  46. Please help me with my situation tier 1 current offender 25. I live in hammond Louisiana and am currently facing the same problems with housing.

  47. I pleaded in 1999. As anyone involved with a sex charge knows, finding good honest attorneys to defend you is far from a given. As I knew I was being set up by my defense attorney, I took a plea. My attorney didn’t tell me what I was pleading to, told me I wouldn’t have to register. In fact that was a condition of my plea that was stated during the sentencing hearing. My charges date back to 1982, but I have documentation to show I wasn’t in the state until 1985. Where to go from here? Is there one good defense attorney in Baton Rouge that I can trust?

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